The food we choose to eat says a lot about us - both as individuals and as a community. We’d like you to share a favourite recipe, or one that you think is unique to you and your family.

What to do

Once you’ve chosen a recipe, write it down. You could make it yourself at home, and take a picture to go with your recipe. You could even make a short video about how to make it! Be sure to tell us why this recipe is special to you. Even better, we'd love for you to share a story to go with it. After you’ve shared your recipe, have a look at dishes that other people have shared. Try making one of their recipes, and tell us how it goes!

Who knows - maybe if we get enough delicious recipes, we can create a Bridging Histories cookbook?

This activity gives you the chance to:

  • Make your favourite recipe and share it
  • Reconnect with food and the memories the dish triggers
  • Learn about other recipes
  • Share what you create.

Tips and resources

What’s the history of the ingredients in your recipe? How did these ingredients arrive here today and who first put the recipe together? Are the ingredients grown here in the UK, or are they imported from far away? Who grows them and packages them? Share what you find out.

Have a look to see what other people are cooking and making. Are there any bridging links or connections? Tell us about them.

Visit 91 Ways to get inspiration from other people's recipes and stories, and to find more opportunities to connect with each other through food.

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