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The capstone of each year at Bridging Histories is our University of Bristol Arts, Activism and Social Justice Summer School

Taught by a rotating lineup of Bridging Histories Ambassadors and friends, this accredited international summer school gives students a chance to learn from some of Bristol's leading activists, artists and changemakers.

Our sponsors include the Fulbright Commission, the Henry Sachs Foundation, and the University of Bristol. The summer school helps generate funds for our community Changemakers grants.

Our Programme

You can view a full copy of our 2023 summer school programme here, with photos and descriptions of each of our teaching sessions.

Check out our Summer School - Our Programme

Over the course of the summer school we get to:

  • discover how people from diverse social contexts have used a combination of philosophy and the arts as vehicles for social change;
  • investigate the role of literature, music, visual arts, poetry and storytelling, dance, philosophy and critical social theories in social justice movements;
  • learn about the key role of Bristol in the development of transatlantic slavery, the legacies of racism, slavery and colonialism, and the impact of these legacies on the lives of people today;
  • examine what responsibilities we might have today because of historical legacies of injustice;
  • explore how race and ethnicity intersect with gender in shaping social experience;
  • develop transferable skills for use in future leadership and social entrepreneurship;
  • get involved in a variety of community and civic activities;
  • develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills.
Check out our Summer School