Pure joy with Afidance!

RUBBA | Arts, Activism and Social Justice Summer School

Rubba of Afidance, delivering some pure joy to our "Arts, Activism and Social Justice" summer school students at University of Bristol.


"Affectionately known as Rubba is an Afrikan/global dance extraordinaire, celebrated performer & teacher. Rubba picked up his nickname as a 16-year-old whilst living on the street of St Paul’s Bristol, where he discovered his innate desire to dance. He instinctively knew that even if he had nothing else going for him, at least he could dance his troubles away. His spiritual approach, fluid technique, supple movements, and graceful style of dancing has endeared him to audiences, fellow dancers & students all over the world. Without doubt he is versatile and one of a select few who can; perform, teach, deliver excellent workshops and implement meaningful projects. He only lives for one thing and that is to continue offering African holistic and traditional forms of expression."

Come along to Rubba's dance and drum classes, open to all: https://www.afidance.org/

Pure joy with Afidance!
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