Bandele & Cleo recall St Pauls - Festival of the Sea, Alfred Feagin, Black Orchid, Hummingbird Books

BANDELE IYAPO & CLEO LAKE | St Pauls Neighbourhood Forum | Save the Rastafari Culture Centre | Bristol, United Kingdom | Rastafarian Community Centre, 136 Grosvenor Road

Listen in on a priceless conversation with two modern-day legends of St Pauls - Cleo Lake and Bandele Iyapo. Recollecting street history from St Pauls at the Rastafarian Community Centre at 136 Grosvenor Road, at the Community Reasoning event sponsored by World Reimagined, on 7th October, 2022, Bristol.

This interview is part of a series of interviews for the new St Pauls Neighbourhood Forum, recollecting street history and heritage, to inform our understanding of past, present and future for the area.

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