We're Rastafari, Selassie I, ya know. What I'm saying to you, is 

this place ya is so much important that you cannot find words in capital to put it together

Bristol, it necessarily don't have buildings and places.

Many places to go! But they're not independent

They tell you to put on this side, or put on that side, or put that end.

This is the only place that is independent

For people to unwind.

If they say Black Lives Matter, then black lives matter, we need time to find ourselves.

To rewind, to re-educate ourselves. And this is the place for it.

And I been doing this from way back at '77.

To the 80's. Going to Nicholas Road in the 90's. And here now in the 2000's, I.

So the work still continue. So the state we have reached now, we ought to further and leave something for generations, so they say "Yes, Grosvenor Road. Grosvenor Road, St. Paul's, Bristol. Something is here."

And its up to you, and you can look and say "Yeah, that's true. You know?"

And pass through and take it easy and know themselves.

Yeah man you have to unwind, you know, we need a place to unwind.

You can't always work and ting.

That's why the pen and paper ting, very hard for I and I to put pen to paper.

Because our word of our mouth, we value more than pen and paper

So go on if you want to help I and I, and take charge of the pen and paper, come and take I and I

and hear from the mouth, in the flesh, skin to skin, flesh to flesh you know? Continent to continent

Continent to one another. You know? So that way they can pick out, like a journalist?

They can pick out and edit, and they can go away and edit the ting and do it properly

Because they know the ways of the system. I and I don't know the way of the system. We do not know the ways of the new world.

We cannot hide away until we know the way of the new world. We are *in* the new world, and we was in the old world. So we are catching on board with them.

But we don't *know* of this new world. We are in it. But we don't know of it. So we have to just keep to what we know.

Until we can unwind. To balance ourselves. More blessing. More blessing you know?

One thing is, Keeping yourself calm, and everything. Lion of Judah will conquering ... you know? And that is evidence.

That there is no need to worry. The conquering Lion of Judah will [always win. You know?]...