Protect the Rastafari Culture Centre!

Here is a chance to make a real difference! Do you care about our community, culture and heritage? Let's raise £20,000 to protect the Rastafari Culture Centre in St. Paul's.

In 2020, the community successfully campaigned to stop the Rastafari Culture Centre from being turned into flats.  After the Stop the Sale petition gained more than 5,000 signatures, Bristol City Council agreed to allow the RCC to purchase their premises for £30,000.  The Selassie family have raised much of the money, but are calling on the community for a final push to complete the purchase and carry out necessary repairs.

Ras Bandele Selassie has served the community for 40 years.  People say the spiritual and community importance of the culture centre cannot be put in words. "People from all walks of life come to the centre, from university students to people struggling with poor mental health, to people coming from prison. They all come here to calm down. It is used as the peoples' safe space. It is the only Black space in the community that is open for anybody to just come and be. People come in to be peaceful and listen to some community reasoning. It is a healing place."   

Take action!

You can help protect the Rastafari Culture Centre.

This centre should stay in community. Help us raise £20,000 and spread the word.

Photo credits:  Khali Akmed

Share and hear testimonials!

Do you have memories of Ras Bandele Selassie, or memories from time you've spent at the Rastafari Culture Centre?  We'd love to hear them - we are collecting your stories to help preserve this extraordinary heritage.  Share your memories here, in words and photos. If you'd like to record a video instead, that would be wonderful - please upload to your own YouTube and send a link, or else send by WeTransfer to


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