St Pauls Neighbourhood Forum

Residents and businesses across St Pauls are supporting the launch of a new St Pauls Neighbourhood Forum in Bristol! The Forum will be bringing together people from all parts of St Pauls to explore the past, present and future of the area, and to lobby for a local vision to help future development be to the benefit of our communities.

St Pauls is a diverse neighbourhood. It is the historic heart of Bristol's African Caribbean community, and the site of many nationally significant events including the annual St Pauls Carnival, the 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott and the 1981 St Pauls uprising. Today it is home to a vibrant, diverse and changing population who make it a hub of cultural creativity and rich community worth protecting. Right now, developers are coming into St Pauls without local governance of how development takes place, and changing the character of the area. The Neighbourhood Forum exists to bring local residents, business and stakeholders together to shape a vision for future of St Pauls, and to create a neighbourhood plan to hold developers accountable to this local vision.

Bridging Histories is just one of many groups, residents and businesses supporting launch of the new neighbourhood forum. We are hosting project information on the Bridging Histories website until the Forum has a website of its own.


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