Save the Rastafari Culture Centre!

Here is a chance to make a real difference! Do you care about protecting Black community, culture and heritage? Let's raise £30,000 and save the Rastafari Culture Centre in St Pauls.

Ras Bandele has served the community for 40 years.  People say the spiritual and community importance of his shop cannot be put in words. "People coming from prison come straight here to calm down before they head home. It is the only Black space in the community that is open for anybody to just come and be. People come in to be peaceful and listen to some community reasoning. It is a healing place."   

The Rastafari Culture Centre has been given until May 2023 to raise £30,000 to buy the shop where it is located. Bristol City Council say that the property will be taken back unless they raise £30,000 to buy it.  

Take action!

You can help save the Rastafari Culture Centre.  

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This centre should stay in community.  We will ensure that all of the funding you contribute goes directly to supporting the Rastafari Culture Centre.  Help raise £30,000 and spread the word.