Alton Ellis O.D. Awards

TROY ELLIS & GEORGE FRANCIS | University of Bristol | Bristol, United Kingdom | Global | Jamaica | London

Bridging Histories is proud to support the Alton Ellis O.D. Awards, celebrating individuals who are spreading positivity and making a great contribution to their community.

Alton Ellis is known as the Godfather of the Rocksteady, a musical form that began in Jamaica in the 1960s and evolved into reggae. Ellis took Jamaica's music scene by storm with his sweet, sparse, romantic and joyful music, and rocksteady beat.

The Alton Ellis O.D. awards celebrate people who share in Ellis's values of positivity and who are coming together to do great things.

Troy Ellis, musician and son of Alton Ellis O.D.

You can nominate local heroes for an award in any of ten categories.

  • Community cohesion
  • Health and wellness
  • Business
  • Education and employment
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Music and creative arts
  • Sport and physical activity
  • Community leadership
  • Youth leadership

Over time, Bridging Histories will be sharing highlight stories from some of the 100s of people who have received awards already.

Do you want to nominate somebody for an award? Get in touch via Bridging Histories and let us know.

Events at which the Alton Ellis O.D. Awards are featuring in 2022 include:

- The Annual Windrush Generation Glitz and Glamour Ball in Birmingham on Saturday 25th June.

- The Afro DanceHall Fest Stage Clash, featuring 26 artists from Gambia and Ghana.

The Alton Ellis O.D. Music Awards have been created by Troy Ellis and George Francis, both proud Bridging Histories Ambassadors.

Troy Ellis
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