Barton Hill History Group, ‘Memory Cafe’

ROGER SCRASE & GILLIAN WOODS | Bristol, United Kingdom | Barton Hill

Barton Hill History Group, ‘Memory Cafe’

This post comprises the writing of two members of the Barton Hill History Group at a recent event, the 'Memory Café.'

Roger Scrase:

My name is Roger Scrase. Lived in Barton Hill in the early 50s went to Avonvale School, then Carlton Parks School. Lived at 19 Morley Street, then later Bright Street, best friend was Terry Pavey from the Swan Pub, also played with Billy Gould who also lived in Bright Street. They were the first family in the street to have a TV set, we all took it in turns to watch their TV. All my Xmas presents came from Max Williams Shop, Sat morning pictures was 9 pence. Ran a lot of errands for my GP.

Gillian Woods:

Gillian Woods née Isaacs. 38 Lincoln Street. When I married in 1962 we went back to the house for ham sandwiches and the Dansette record player plugged into the light fitting in the passage. So all could hear: that was my wedding reception.

Every Sunday my father had for breakfast T fish (Toe Rag) real name Salted Cod. It used to stink the house out. It was baked in the morning after being in soak all night.

Barton Hill History Group, ‘Memory Cafe’

Attendees at the Memory Café

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