Dawn emerges


Dawn emerges

Dawn emerges…

Like a young child, shyly peeking out from behind the safety of a mother’s clutches.

So soft, so slow, and mystical,

Opening the doors of the world is the sun

That glowing orb, full of color—of beauty.

Yet, therein that beauty lies a rambunctious soul,

Like pounding drums, beating and banging…

Morphing from a wholesome orb to a true beast.

The music intensifies; the sun rises, quicker now,

Comprising the evolution of a morning,

From dark to light,

East to West,

Wherein there was once nothing, now sits a paradise of vibrancy.

The sun has risen tremendously, the dawn has broken,

Broken in half, now! Once a quiet, shy youth, now an aggressive adult—

Throwing rocks into the peaceful sky scape,

Light jutting out from crevices and cracks, casting rays of orange

On all flora and fauna.

Dawn emerges

Dawn has emerged, no

Dawn has awoken. Now, with eyes lustful with power, wisdom, and greed

The morning skyrockets onward, shifting the gaze of the ephemeral world forward

Until soon, like the ever mundane cycle of life

The music slows, the light dims…

Once a hot, intimate universe—

Now a cold, silent slate.

This is the cycle—this is the world. As the sun sets and the instruments lower,

The blue dot, Terra; Earth, and all of its beings,

And all other beings across the unknown,

Lie in waiting, sit in the shadows

Where there was once light, sound, passion, and love

But now exists only a husk of nothingness—a hull for time and space to wait

To sleep

To rest

And to one day, return…

Because one day, the music shall return, and rays of sunshine will reach new bodies

As the cycle repeats, and

Dawn emerges…

Bridging Histories butterfly