I AM...

JUMA HARDING-DIMMOCK | London, United Kingdom

I AM...

A compilation of poems written by students from Joseph Clarke School

Joseph Clarke School specialises in working with students with visual impairments, autism and complex needs. Situated in Waltham Forest, the school is a hidden gem full of bold personalities, amazing talent and outstanding creativity – contributing towards a dynamic, special culture.

Joseph Clarke is excited to be sharing this unique culture through the Bridging Histories commission, with the students producing a selection of ‘I Am’ poems, these poems could be as abstract or as literal as the students wished. We hope these give a glimpse into the diversity within the school, as well as allow the students to explore a sense of belonging, acceptance and pride in who they are, and the Joseph Clarke Culture they create.

Click here to access the full digital book of 'I AM' poems.

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This project was delivered by the artist Juma Harding-Dimmock with students from the Joseph Clarke School as a project for Bridging Histories supported by the Mayor of London.

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