"I am from" by Josh Macksoni

JOSH MACKSONI | University of Bristol | Bristol, United Kingdom | Global | Berkshire, UK & Zimbabwe

"I am from" by Josh Macksoni

I am from ..... Where I'm from

I am from... always have been, never home always held by where I'm from

I am from... Black/white union and you ask me where I'm from?

I am from... Berkshire, but Zimbabwe's where I'm from

I am from... You wanna know about where I'm from?

I am from... trips to the home country while I'm left at hom with mum

I am from... Wondering how much longer youll be gone

I am from.. ear to ear when youre back here, I knew you would

Fear appears in mirror when I realise you might not

I am from... Accepting things are different where I'm from

Neglecting the addressing of the differences I've got-

ta be honest I've never wanted to to talk on it a lot

How could I when ebonics aint supported where I'm from

I am from... An island, no mans like me where I'm from

With guiding hands to holds and wide shoulders I could ride upon

Or hide behind, with whom I could identify

Made sense of why I went to try pretend and lie, "it aint a mind"

I am from... Never knew, but never spent a lot .

Of time reflectin on effect it had upon a bredders thought

Connecting with a sense of self, dependent on a fragile con-

Ception of just who I am and an estimate of where I'm from

I am from... Never knew, but come to learn a lot

The world turned upon its head's incentive for some change to drop

In cents I got a sense of all the emptiness I'd shut and locked

Away to help accept an estimation 'bout just where I'm from

found pac, I'd found Lamar, found J.Cole I found outkast

Found I found fraternity but fled from fear of feeling black

Found, forgoing father figure, familiarity in tracks

But fracture for lack African influence I have had

I am from... Bearing soul on pad to show no one

Never share unless prepared to let em know your care so much

Where "everyone's accepted" hard expressing feeling severed from

The rest because despite possessing extra melanin, "that's okay, there's nothing wrong" ...

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