'I am from Bristol, born and bred'

BETH | Bristol, United Kingdom

'I am from Bristol, born and bred'

I am from…

Bristol, born and bred.

I am white and disabled.

I am a woman.

Bristol gave me a special school,

Before a main stream education.

I was supported

Bristol is an inclusive community,

Acting groups and a lovely theatre company

I am included.

Bristol gave me friends and neighbours,

From close by and far away.

Kenyan, Burkinabe, Polish,

West Indian, French and Pakistani.

I am grateful

Bristol gives me great food and fashion,

Exciting and unusual films and events.

I am lucky.

This is what it's like to live in Bristol

I am a white disabled woman,

I am supported, included, grateful and lucky

To live independently

In Bristol.

This is me and I like it!

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