I am from

SIRA SULE BASTI | Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset

I am from

I am from where ever you say I am.

I wont defend my dark skin.

I wont defend the sound of my language or the way I dress.

The more I defend.

The more I explain.

The more I articulate where I am from & how I came to be where I am

The more I expose my historic wounds.

The more chance you get to dig at my truth.

No sirs!

If you must know where I come from.

You must look to the North, the South, the East & the West.

Within and without.

I am the North

I am the South

I am the East

I am the West.

I am all and all is me.

I am the fruits, I am the greens, I am the herbs, I am the spices.

I am the fruit bearing trees & the humble grass.

I am the wind, I am the fire, I am the motherly soil that gives so abundantly & are great.

I am the oceans that churn so deep & I am the dry desert.

I am White, I am Black, I am Asian....I am all.

I am the Eve gene all life stems from.

I am that, I am.

I am life.

I am living water

I am living bread.

I am a mothers cry

I am a babies weep

Yes Sir! All is me.

I am the laughter

I am the tears.

I am happiness

I am sadness

I am the good one & the bad

I am whoever you say I am.

I am me.

No more separation by class, color or creed.

I am the EVE GENE.

I am all. All is me.

I give birth to all life.

All life stems from my lineage.

So Yes Sir!

I am from where ever you say I am because all is me.


Sira Sule Basti

Weston Super Mare, North Somerset

January 2024

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