I am from

I am from the noise, the bustle, the chaotic, comforting ebb and flow of an overflowing home.

I am from the piano, pounded upon by a younger sibling, which rings through my bedroom floor at an early hour.

I am from my Dad who flips on the lights and calls us from our beds so that we can race to 10 AM Mass.

I am from the blue bathroom where my sisters and I push, shove, laugh, and hug as we each brush our hair, our teeth, and overshare all the glorious tea.

I am from oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter toast, and coffee, which are consumed in abundance around the long kitchen table that brims with memories of my family before I was born.

I am from the walls which are covered with all of our art, some good, some bad, but all cherished.

I am from the sprawling backyard which in the winter is filled with fluffy white Narnia snow that sits in heavy puffs upon the tall oaks.

I am from the calm white noise of hot July, the woosh of the zephyr in the lush green Indiana grass accompanied by the doldrum hum of a thousand cicadas and the crackle of our nightly bonfire.

I am from the rowdy conversations we have each night about philosophy, politics, and the drama of each other’s love lives.

I am from the cold, unfinished basement where I once was a spy, a princess, and a fairy queen with my dearest homeschool friends.

I am from the hot, dripping, delicious cinnamon rolls we share each Christmas morning after we have prayed together, sung Silent Night together, fought together, and opened way too many presents together.

I am from my Mom’s warm embrace which smells like her, sweet and oh so comforting.

I am from the Saturday-morning chores where our whole house smells like ammonia as each person quietly abandons themselves to their monotonous duties while listening to a novel or the newest pop music.

I am from the late-night ice cream and popcorn which precedes every Star Wars, Marvel, or Downton Abbey marathon.

I am from the warm, snuggly heat of Finn, our loving puppy who has room in his heart for every single person alike.

I am from the stack of books pouring from my bookshelf which hold the stories I slip into when I want to wander from this world to the next.

I am from Eddie, Grace, John, Will, Owen, Veronica, Genevieve, Damien, and Gabriel, my nine siblings who are the weirdest, loudest, tallest, most ambitious and supportive group of best friends a girl could ask for.

I am from a home overflowing with laughter, noise, nerds, traditions, food, beauty, and joy.

I am from love. Oh so much wonderful, powerful love.

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