'I feel better for the nature' from Altered Festival

PETER JONES | Bristol, United Kingdom | BS16

'I feel better for the nature' from Altered Festival

This poem was written at the Altered Festival that was run by Keep Art It.

I feel better for the nature, the horses, the river, the small place.

On other levels my mind is worn out,

Too much thinking, not enough feeling, worn out.

Screeching thoughts pollute my mind,

Another is trying to find, leaving me blind,

To the truth in my heart that was put there from the start,

To lead me and us home, until full grown,

Everything shown, transparent, eaten alive by demonic plagues,

That try to ravage us inner being but my eye is all seeing and I banish them to where they belong,

I’m determined to sing my heart song, before too long.

I am from Bristol, but I don’t need a pistol,

I enjoy to be gentle, to free myself from this mental prison,

that was constructed, sometime in the past, when will I be free at last?

I live in different places, looking for a home, I roam,

I like to go to creative and natural spaces, away from the human values,

I love fruits, particularly dates,

Learning to do what I love and open up the gates,

To…hope, my faith, trust, connection, love.

'I feel better for the nature' from Altered Festival

The Altered Festival is an inclusive multicultural arts platform that embraces diverse perspectives and challenges cultural stereotypes.

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