Keyemo’s interview with Dad

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Keyemo’s interview with Dad
Keyemo’s interview with Dad

Keyemo with Dad

What is your first name?


What is the meaning of your first name?

God loves me

How old you are?


Where were you born?

Ilorin in Nigeria

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Traveling on my first solo holiday to Suleja in Nigeria.

When and why did you move to the UK?

To study and to work

Have you lived anywhere else in the world apart from Nigeria and UK?


Where are most of your family based?

Different parts of Nigeria

Please tell us about your childhood home (What do you remember about the place you grew up?)

I have fond memories of growing up in our family home in Ilorin Nigeria. My favourite pastime was climbing trees and playing outdoor football with my friends.

Did your parents ever tell you about your family history? If yes, please share what they told you?

My parents told me that they originated from a place called ‘Ogori’ in present day Kogi State. Even though most Ogori people are Yoruba speakers and bear Yoruba name, they have their own language. It is believed that Ogori people are descendants of Oduduwa and migrated from Ile-Ife.

What values and beliefs did your parents teach you?

Hard work, honesty, respect for other people, pride in oneself and believe in God.

What did/do you admire about your parents?

They didn’t have a lot, but they gave all they had so we could have a decent life.

Who’s the oldest relative you remember and what do you remember about him or her?

I remember living with my grand aunty in Zaria where I attended university. She was a lovely woman and many children stayed at her house because she never had a child of her own.

Tell us a memorable story about your family.

Celebrating every birthday with coke and rice and spicey stew. My mom was the best!

What recipes did your mom or dad make that you still make today?

Moin-Moin (bean cake)

If there was any advice you could give your younger self, what would it be? Stay true to your dreams and don’t let anyone rush you.


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