My name is Moriah

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My name is Moriah

My name is Moriah. I am a British 🇬🇧,Ghanaian🇬🇭,Nigerian🇳🇬 and I feel so blessed and proud to be part of many cultures. 

Ama is one of my Ghanaian names which means a child born on Saturday, no wonder I like Saturdays because I attend school of Arts & Performance which is the highlight of my weekend. 

I feel so happy when I remember my Nigerian name, Enitan because it means I am a child with history, so much history my mum keeps telling me. I sometimes wonder if that is why I also like to read about various historical events. 

I come from the lineage of the Agbabiaka family through my mum. Agbabiaka means "as big as a barn", honestly, this makes me feel privileged because my Grandpa told me the name represents wealth and prosperity. 

We are known for loving and caring for each other especially being a large family. Believe me when I say I am truly a blessed child because I had so much fun and met many of my cousins, aunties, uncles and great grandma during a trip to Nigeria for my uncle's wedding. I cannot wait to go back to the market in Lagos where I got some lovely souvenirs, what a wonderful memory. 

So proud to be an African child because my mother was born in Nigeria and my father was born in Ghana, beautiful Africa where the grass grows high and never dry. So proud as a Ghanaian, a place so rich with gold.  

I live in the bustling city of London, East of London where you can never miss the exciting times and opportunities of the capital city of England 🇬🇧. My home is surrounded by a canal, a local stadium, a museum and many beautiful sceneries. I consider myself to be truly blessed, beautiful, confident, intelligent and funny, I pray that I continue to grow with the values impacted on me by my large family.


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