Postcards from Glen's Café, St Paul's Learning Centre

Bristol, United Kingdom

Postcards from Glen's Café, St Paul's Learning Centre

This post comprises the writing of several people on postcards left at St Paul's Learning Centre.

Poems card:

I am from Bristol but live in Cumbria.

I am from Bristol and I married my

Wife in the city hall registry office,

I am from Bristol and my accent is half way

Between a farmer and a pirate.

Family Histories card:

My mum’s family is from Wales and they’ve been miners for generations. My dad’s family is English and from Liverpool.

Poems card:

I am from Malaysia

I am from a place with a saying most Malaysians will know:

Malaysia truly Asia.

I am from a place where houses surrounded by river and big roads,

With aunties or uncles gossiping around the neighbourhood.

I am from an area where if I’m bored, I could jump in the river and swim around with my friends.

I am from an area where I always need to watch when I go to school

Just in case no snakes or baby crocs wandering around the pathways to go to school.

I am from a neighbourhood where I lived with my mum, dad and 4 other siblings.

I am from Malaysia and would like to go back where I’m from as I live in Bristol now.

I am from Malaysia which is a country where I could buy very yummy homemade snacks.

Recipes card:

Malaysian onion fritters

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of water

A pinch of salt

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 bulb of onion sliced thinly

Oil for frying

Mix all of the above as a batter into a hot frying pan with oil.

The story goes with it is I learnt to make it when I was 4 years old. I dreamt of eating it but don’t know how to make it. I managed to buy a ready mix batter, but omitted the inions and cook it like a pancake as I don’t know where oil was at the time of making it. (I made it without supervision of older people). Once I made a burnt pancake rather than fritters, mum came back and told me off that I just wasted the battered mixture. I got banned from cooking until I was 12 years old plus for safety issues too.

Poems card:

I am from Congo

I enjoy Homoldoll

I live with my boyfriend

I would like to go to Brazil.

I love central of Africa food (Congo)

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