Two Birds

LUCA | Bristol, United Kingdom

Two Birds

We are a global collective of artists and creatives using art to support the climate movement.

  1. What is your big vision?

At TwoBirds Art, we are striving towards a future in which the natural world is paid the respect it deserves, all living things are treated with fairness and kindness, and art and creativity is allowed to flourish as a voice and vehicle for cultural insights and global perspectives on climate change and more.

  1. What is your goal?

Our mission at TwoBirds is two-fold, and so our main goals are to (1) fundraise and raise awareness for environmental organisations on the frontlines of the climate crisis and (2) provide a platform for emerging, purpose driven artists, to enable them to pursue their creative interests in a world that increasingly disdains them. We want to create a global community of creatives, collaboratively sharing their individual insights into how climate change and the climate crisis has impacted them and their local communities.

  1. What actions will you take?

To achieve our goals, we take part in a variety of fundraising and promotional activities. We have a website on which we sell the works of creatives from around the world, donating 50% of each sale to organisations supporting the climate movement. This contributes to both of our main goals, as it provide

s a platform for our artists, while also generating funds to contribute to the mitigation of various environmental problems.

On top of this, we create content and resources that can help to educate people on climate change and the various socio-political issues associated with it. These are promoted and shared via our Instagram and other social media accounts.

We also take part in a variety of local markets and stalls to help us achieve our fundraising goals. We want to take these events even further to integrate ourselves within our local creative community and to bring people together under the common cause that is our mission.

Finally, one long term project in which we are engaged is the commissioning of artworks to creatives from around the world, the end goal being a gallery of environmentally focused artwork that shares the unique insights of creators from around the world. We want this gallery to represent our values as an organisation, of kindness, fairness, hope, frustration, and conviction. Not only will the artwork itself provide intrinsic benefit to the conversation around climate change, but as with all our sales, 50% will be donated to the organisations we support. As such, this project is designed to both directly and indirectly support our efforts to create a fair and equal world.

  1. What is the reasoning behind your idea?

Climate change is the number one threat we face as a global community, and it subsumes an array of other crucial issues we must confront if we are to progress and work towards a fair future for all living beings on an inhabitable planet. We truly believe in the transformative potential of art as a vehicle for this progress, and we believe it is especially important to shine a light on this potential at a time when art and creativity are shunned and ignored by the governments who are pushing us deeper into climate chaos.

  1. Can your idea be improved?

As we develop our project, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve what we do, to more efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. We are very confident in the validity of the idea itself, as the preservation of the environment and the promotion of creativity are uncontroversially valuable things. While art is not the only effective vehicle we can use in the fight against climate change, it remains an invaluable voice with a unique ability to represent a diversity of opinions, beliefs, cultural values, and more. We thus believe the main way we can improve what we do is to include more and more perspectives, such that our organisation comes to represent a truly global perspective on climate change.

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