How to share your activity

We'd love to see all your activities - poems, pictures, recipes, stories, street and family histories, reflections on monuments, and positive change-making.

Please share what you make by emailing

We'll add your entry to our What You Have Shared online gallery, so that other people can enjoy what you've made.

Or if you'd prefer to share by post, just write to: Bridging Histories, The Mayor's Office, Bristol City Council, City Hall, BS1 5TR, United Kingdom

If you're on social media, be sure to tag us!

We're @HistoryBridging and #BridgingHistories on Twitter

Writing & video guide


How long should entries be? We'd recommend 300 - 500 words, but it can be as long or as short as you'd like.


Please include 1 - 3 pictures with each entry! They'll spruce things up and make it come alive. Pictures of you smiling at the camera are especially great.


Why not make a video of yourself reading your poem, taking us through a recipe, or telling us about your street? If you're joining as a classroom, a street or a youth group, maybe you'd like to run a workshop, film it and do something totally unique?

Here are a few tips to help you take the best quality film footage:

  • Audio - if you're filming outside, avoid filming on windy days. If there are any unexpected noises, like planes, cars passing or building work, start again.
  • Length - If sharing a video on Facebook, the video has to be less than 2 minutes. You can share a longer video on YouTube. But keeping it short makes it more likely people will watch the whole thing.
  • Video Structure - your video should have a short intro, then show the activity or findings and end with a conclusion. Aim for a beginning, middle and end as this will help give it a structure.
  • You - most importantly, we need to see you! No matter how interesting your piecet is, if we don't see the person who made it, it won't be the same. So please film yourself as well as your activity.

Whatever you do, enjoy being creative!


When you write, let us know:

- Are you happy for us to share your entry on our website? How about social media (twitter, facebook, instagram)? Feel free to say no! Let us know what you'd like.

- Shall we share with your first name, full name, or no name (anonymous)?

- May we include the first part of your postcode?

- We'll share with #BridgingHistories and your location (e.g. #Bristol or #BartonHill) Are there other hashtags, locations or social media handles we should include?

- Do you have 1 - 3 pictures you can post with your entry?

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