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Our vision is a world where every person is celebrated for who they are, rooted in their history and empowered to be a changemaker. We welcome all ages, political views and social groups. Our aim is to connect people to learn about the past, and make positive change for the future.

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You can dive right into our six signature activities: poetry, recipes, street histories, family histories, monuments and changemaking. Have fun joining in, and send us what you make. Have a look around our What You have Shared Gallery. You'll discover an abundance of different stories that make up our communities.

  • Learn about who we were in the past and who we are today

  • Develop skills and confidence
  • Be more connected
  • Inspire each other to create positive change
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Flower Root
  • Poems and Pictures

    Did you know that there is a global 'I Am From' poetry project? People all over the world have…

    View Poems and Pictures Activity
  • Recipes

    The food we choose to eat says a lot about us - both as individuals and as a community. We’d like…

    View Recipes Activity
  • Street Histories

    Have you ever stopped to think about the history of your street and your home? When was your street…

    View Street Histories Activity
  • Family Histories

    Why not learn something new about your family history? Once you have something to share, have a…

    View Family Histories Activity
  • Monuments

    Have you noticed there are memorials all around us? We can see them in street names, place names,…

    View Monuments Activity
  • Changemakers

    Being a changemaker can be a powerful thing. Do something to make a positive change in yourself, or…

    View Changemakers Activity
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Support our campaigns, or even become a Bridging Histories Ambassador

We run events and activities, campaigns, educational programming, and community engagement consultancy. At the heart of Bridging Histories is our incredible community of Ambassadors. We have funded more than 30 fabulous ambassadors to run activities such as launching the St Pauls Community Forum, launch of the UK's first aboriginal-owned art gallery (Coe Gallery), Poetry Slams, Emancipation Day Celebration, "I am from" poetry and song workshops, Barton Hill Heritage Trails, a virtual museum of Croydon murals, intergenerational interviews between Yoruba-speaking children and grownups, and more. The capstone of our year is our annual 3-week international summer school on "Arts, Activism and Social Justice" with University of Bristol and the Fulbright Commission.

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Be a Partner

Bridging Histories is running as an initiative of University of Bristol, supported by UWE Bristol, the We Are Bristol History Commission, the London Commission on Diversity in the Public Realm, and a large number of community partners. The team has worked with partners including the London Mayor, Bristol Beacon, CultureTree, Museum of Diversity, Numbi Arts, the Mile End Project, Joseph Clarke School, Rising Arts Agency, Barton Hill History Group, The Road Project, East and South East Asian Solidarity Group Bristol, Glen's Kitchen, Cognitive Paths, Artspace Lifespace, Black Wallstreet Records, YellowButterfly, the Bristol Mayor's Office, and many more groups in Bristol, London and beyond. We are funded by an ESRC Impact Accelerator Award, UKRI Citizen Science, the London Mayor's Office and University of Bristol. We hope people will run with this project globally, and join in with Bridging Histories activities in cities and towns all over the world.