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My favourite recipe

Chicken soup, also known as Granny's soup. This is now known as Taff Leigh soup and has been passed down the various families as my favourite meal. (I couldn't pronounce Cath so said Taff.)

  1. Boil chicken bones for 3 hours (add onion or old veg if you want). Drain and retain stock.
  2. Pick off the chicken and add to stock.
  3. Add Pearl Barley, onions, carrots and veg stock cube. Cook till Pearl Barley is soft.

My street

My road was an open space until 1968. The first 3 houses were built first. Then there was a break for a year before a further 5 houses were built. The final 2 came later that year. You can still see the turning junction just before the last 2 houses.

My changemaking

I'm having a crackdown on energy - lights off, short showers. In addition, recycling more and encouraging my teenage son to do so.

A St Paul's police officer shares
A St Paul's police officer shares
A St Paul's police officer shares
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