'The Full English'

NURULL ISLAM | London, United Kingdom

'The Full English'

A billboard installed during December at Bow Road roundabout as part of 'The Full English' project by artist Nurull Islam and photographer Rehan Jamil. Photograph by Rehan Jamil.

A project that explores how traditional English and international foods have found it’s way into Muslim households over the years. Revisiting a time when there was a lack of halal food options and exploring the changes.

Initially collaborated with photographer Rehan Jamil, capturing portraits of the diverse Muslim diaspora in the East End. The portraits highlight the range of food consumed by Muslim now living in London.

The project continues to evolve, including more responses and collaboration with artists and connecting to even more experiences and memories of food histories of the area.

As part of the Bridging Histories project supported by Greater London Authority we are creating a soundscape of oral histories of various memories of food - and as a result shining a light on the social, generational and cultural change in East London.

We have a fantastic, growing collection of ’food stories’ covering dinner halls to chip shops!

Do get in touch if you would like to submit a food story relating to this project.

Click here to find out more and about the Full English project:


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