I am from a lineage of leaders

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I am from a lineage of leaders

I am from a lineage of leaders, embracing change with open arms

Even in difficulty, we cultivate new paths to pave the way for a fresh start.

I am from, tenacious, honest and reliable people, rooted in Ondo state

I am from farmers planting seeds to feed the nation.

Though the search for new horizons brought me to the United Kingdom
I am from the river where fishes love to swim to the shore

Spread far and wide abroad, America, England, Nigeria and so much more

I am from a village where neighbours enforce parental laws
I was taught “the sky's the limit” no wonder I can’t think small.

I am from bold men and women, with goals beyond geographical boundaries.

Though grandpa couldn’t always see, he too was a visionary
He knew education was key to better opportunities

I am from several hurdles jumped before my time.

I am an enigma, a book full of interesting chapters, but it is the blank pages that I’m after.

I am a writer.


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